Supplemental Advising

A large university has many opportunities, some of which you may not know exist. The goal of advising in the Honors College is to make these resources accessible to able, curious, and motivated undergraduates. PittHonors advising does not replace your regular, assigned advisor; rather, it complements the role of your academic advisor by helping you develop a comprehensive plan of studies for your undergraduate education that capitalizes upon your skills, interests, and educational/career goals.

How to receive UHC advising

Advising through the Honors College is open to any student and only requires a little initiative on your part. All you need to do is learn about UHC staff members to find out who best fits your needs by reviewing the staff information page and then contacting that person!

In addition, UHC offers specialized advising for students interested in competing for national scholarships, academic community engagement, and the health professions.

Academic Community Engagement Advising

The UHC promotes academic community engagement where students connect their academic interests and skills to positively impact their communities. 

Health Professions Advising

Health professions advising assists students in exploring majors and career paths related to the medical field.

National Scholarship Advising

We provide guidance to undergraduate students and alumni who are interested in pursuing national and international scholarships, fellowships, and grants.