Here are resources for P&P majors:

PeopleSoft Waitlist Feature - The waitlist feature is now available in PeopleSoft for some classes at the University of Pittsburgh. This new feature allows students to place themselves on a waitlist for a class section that is full and be given a position number. As seats open up in the class, the waitlist process will run to auto-enroll students according to their position number. Please pay particular attention to the "swap" function (item 9 on the website link above).

Pittsburgh Foundation Scholarship Search Page - Use this page to find a list of available scholarships that are likely to match your needs. Please browse around and do several searches, in order to better identify what you might be eligible for.

How to Obtain a Transcript - This is a link to the Registrar's website. It takes you directly to the transcript section, but you might also find useful resources in other sections of the website.


Course Repeat Form (PDF) - When you repeat a course, the grade does not automatically change; you MUST complete this form and return it to the Dietrich School's Dean's Office (140 Thackeray) before the grade will be changed and your GPA updated.

Best-Fit Form (PDF) - Sometimes courses used to fulfill gen ed requirements don't fall where you want them to (e.g., PeopleSoft lists a course as fulfilling the "history" requirement, but you want it to be used to fulfill an "international culture." requirement). To have your records updated, make sure the course can be used to fulfill that requirement (check the General Education Course Catalog), then complete this form and return it to the Dietrich School's Dean's Office (140 Thackeray).