First-Year Honors Living Learning Community (LLC)

The First-Year Honors Housing Community, located in Sutherland Hall (West Wing), is sponsored by the University Honors College. The community is comprised of a diverse and dynamic group of 408 first-year undergraduate students who hail from every corner of the globe, represent virtually every major, and have a wide array of interests. Despite these differences, all these students share a commitment to academic excellence, student involvement, and responsible living. Our philosophy is that first-year students can learn from each other and enrich their intellectual lives by living with like-minded people.

Since this living experience is student driven, the Honors College is looking for students who have the maturity and the creativity to help make this community succeed. Specific features and opportunities available to students in the First-Year Honors Housing Community include:

  • Exposure to students with a great diversity of majors, minors, and academic interests.
  • Participation in programs that are both intellectual and social.  Freshman year is largely about making lasting connections with your peers, and that is what we strive to achieve.
  • The opportunity to have significant impact and influence over the development of the community.
  • Exposure to 408 potential tutors in every subject imaginable.
  • Living with like-minded students who respect one another, the concept of community, and the importance of academics and intellectual life.

Upperclass, Honors involved, student leaders serve as Resident Assistant (RAs) on each floor and coordinate programs to enhance each student's Honors experience and integration with the overall Pitt community. Whether eating together at the Perch (dining hall located in Sutherland), planning a pizza night with a faculty member, attending a football game together, raising funds for a non-profit, gathering in the hallway for discussion, studying for tests, competing in the building-wide Honors Murder Mystery and Floor Decorating contest, or participating in a floor intramural event, students are sure to have the support they need for a successful year.

Sutherland is comprised of double rooms and larger suites with semi-private bathrooms, air-conditioned rooms, and a TV lounge and study room on each floor. Sutherland West also offers access to a community piano, ping pong table, fitness center, laundry facility, and two common rooms, one of which we call the “Library” which is a great study location and is home to building movie nights and events. Sutherland Hall also offers The Perch at Sutherland made-to-order dining facility, Hill O' Beans coffee cart, Quick Zone convenience store, a computer center, and a student mail center. 

For more information and a floor plan of the West Wing of Sutherland Hall, visit the Panther Central web site. Questions? Email Honors Housing

Honors Housing Orientation

Attend orientation to get accustomed to Pitt and your living learning community.