First-Year Honors LLC Application Process

Welcome to the University Honors College’s First-Year Honors Housing application website. Make sure you complete all of the steps when applying to live in the First-Year Honors Living Learning Community (LLC). 


Complete the University's Housing and Dining Contract Package that is mailed to students after you have paid your tuition deposit to the University. Each step detailed in the housing package must be completed by the date listed on your housing packet. When completing this contract, you MUST indicate under the Living Learning Communities section of the contract that you wish to apply to live in the Honors LLC. If you have already completed the housing process and wish to go back and indicate your interest in the First-Year Honor LLC, contact Panther Central at 412-648-1100.


When you indicate your interest in the the First-Year Honor LLC, you will be taken to our supplemental application in the system. This MUST be completed to be considered for the Honors Living Learning Community. You do not have to complete it at that time, but don't leave it till right before the deadline either. If you forget to complete that second step in the application process, you cannot be considered for the community. We encourage students to complete the supplemental Honors Housing LLC application as soon as possible. By doing so you will not receive numerous reminders and will have one more item complete off the college checklist.


Students who received a letter notifying them that they are “Honors Course Eligible” are NOT guaranteed a place in the First-Year Honors LLC. The only students who are guaranteed spaces are those who are invited to interview for the Chancellor's Scholarship, the recipients of the Stamps Scholarship, and the recipients of the Nordenberg Scholarships.

Every year, we have more applications than available space in the First-Year Honors LLC. Students must apply to live in the community and meet the application deadlines. High school grades, SAT scores, and scholarships are relatively little weight in the application process. Instead, we ask students to discuss their expectations for the community and how they intend to become an active member.

While the application process is competitive, you should not be deterred from applying. Living in the First-Year Honors LLC is a unique experience for each student and we look forward to receiving and reviewing your application. You will receive confirmation of your First-Year Honors LLC application being complete within a week of submitting it and notification regarding First-Year Honors LLC decisions (selection) will be made by mid June. We ask that you refrain from asking about your status until mid-June unless you did not receive a confirmation email after submitting your application.

*Note that if you are applying to live with a specific roommate, that you must BOTH complete the University's Housing and Dining Contract Package AND the First-Year Honors LLC supplemental application, and list each other as roommates to be considered for the community. You may, of course, apply for the LLC on your own and will be placed with a roommate if accepted into the First-Year Honors LLC.

Questions about the Honors Housing Community can be directed to or 412-624-8633.

Application Essays

Each year, applicants to the First-Year Honors LLC are asked to answer three short essay questions. These are meant to elicit well-written and insightful answers that provide a glimpse into who you are as a person. The selection committee weights the essays heavily in the decision-making process. We've included them here so that you can think about them in advance of completing the supplemental application, draft thoughtful responses, and be prepared to apply!  

Essays for Fall 2018 Application

  • ESSAY ONE (minimum 300 words) - Describe an experience when you made a positive difference in a community you are a member of. What did you learn about the concept of “communities” from this experience? How do you see these lessons playing out in Honors Housing?

  • ESSAY TWO (140 character limit) - Compose a tweet of 140 characters or less that tells us something about you that we don’t already know from your application. URLs may be included and don’t subtract from the character count.

  • ESSAY THREE (100 word limit) - Programming in Honors Housing is driven by the interest of our students. Think creatively and propose one value-added programming idea that has an intellectual or cultural dimension, and that you'd like to take part in next year. 

What happens if I am not selected for the First-Year Honors LLC?

If you are not selected to live in the First-Year Honors LLC, you will be assigned (pending your completed Housing and Dining Contract Package) alternate first-year housing. Your assignment will be based on the information you provided during completion of the Housing and Dining Package. Housing is based on your building preferences, as well as roommate requests, roommate matching questions, and housing availability. Please understand that your preferences are highly considered during placement, but often times students do not receive their first preferences due to availability. Please know that no matter which housing accommodations you are assigned to, the University of Pittsburgh will work to ensure that your experience is a positive one. Questions about this process should be directed to Panther Central at 412-648-1100.