Honors Housing Orientation

At Pitt, we are committed to providing incoming students with the knowledge and tools they need to make the most of the resources offered within the UHC. We believe that by becoming aware of and utilizing UHC offerings early on, students will be better able to advance their experience at Pitt, enhance the breadth and depth of their educational experience, and craft themselves as premier candidates for their future goals.

Newly admitted students to First-Year Honors Housing at Sutherland West are invited to join the University Honors College at Honors Housing Orientation. This specialized program is an opportunity to engage with other members of your hall, learn more about the resources within the University Honors College, and explore aspects of Pitt and the City of Pittsburgh. Most importantly, you will learn about the philosophy and resources within the UHC, and develop a plan for how you can best utilize those resources during your time at Pitt.

Sutherland Move-In

Honors Housing Orientation (or "H2O") is integrated into Pitt's New Student Orientation activities. New residents of Sutherland West will move in earlier than most other new students in order to take part in these activities. Sutherland Move-In is scheduled to take place Monday, August 20, 2018.

During Move-In, members of the UHC staff will be available to meet with students and family members in the Honors "Lounge." In addition, social events will be available for all Sutherland West residents during the evening of move-in.

Orientation Date

  • Tuesday, August 21, 2018 9am-4pm

UHC Peer Mentors

Every resident of Sutherland West will be assigned to a UHC Peer Mentor. These are upper-class students who have been involved with the University Honors College in various capacities (e.g. housing, courses, research, etc). New residents will be matched to Peer Mentors who have similar backgrounds and interests. The Mentors will reach out to new residents over the summer, facilitate orientation activities (including the annual excursion into the City of Pittsburgh), and assist with the general transition of new students. Moreover, Mentors will continue to interact with Sutherland West residents throughout the remainder of the fall semester to continue to promote offerings within the University Honors College.

Honors Housing Orientation Activities

Some of the activities involved in H2O include:

  • Meeting with other residents of the building who share similar academic and professional interests
  • Engaging with students currently involved in the UHC to learn about their experiences
  • Hearing from UHC Faculty and Staff about ways to become engaged in the UHC as a first-year student
  • Developing an individualized plan to direct your UHC involvement in a way that most closely aligns with your personal and professional goals
  • Exploring various areas of the surrounding City of Pittsburgh with your Mentor and small group

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't attend Honors Housing Orientation? Although participation is not mandatory, we strongly recommend that you participate in this shared Honors experience and get to know the people you will be living and learning with throughout the year and during your time at Pitt. If you have other required events/programs during August 21, please attempt to take part in aspects of Honors Housing Orientation as your schedule allows. You will still be paired with a UHC Peer Mentor for the fall term, who will be able to update you on any aspects of orientation that you may have missed. Note that the activities on Monday, August 20, are entirely optional for students, and are predominantly social in nature.

What if I need to attend PittStart on August 20-21? If at all possible, we recommend for you to attend PittStart prior to the last session. However, we’ve designed Honors Housing Orientation so that you can still take part in some of the activities. Our online registration will ask you to indicate if you are signed up for PittStart on those days. For PittStart arrival information, please visit pittstart.pitt.edu.

Are there any offerings for family members/guests during H2O? Although there is no formal programming for family members or guests during Honors Housing Orientation, we will offer a lounge in Sutherland West during move-in.  Any new student and their guest can stop by to ask questions of UHC staff members, and refreshments will be served.